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PodFusion Workshop presented by She Podcasts

Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

Jessica Kupferman

Jessica Kupferman

PodFusion Workshop

presented by ShePodcasts

Two Ways To Attend!


She Podcasts Presents: PodFusion

…a co-mingling of the professional, the poetic, the conversational, the individual, the communal, the interactive and the hilarious.

What it is…

A full-day VIP workshop led and run by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman with She Podcasts, as well as some learning and exercises from special guest stars. This is your opportunity to participate in Elsie and Jessica’s first advanced-skills workshop that goes WAY beyond what an RSS feed is and which microphone is the right one for you.

Elsie and Jessica want to take you on a journey – super-far out of the box and thinking about what podcasting could be. Through exercises, lessons and interactive teaching methods, they are going to introduce some new podcasting skills that you can apply to your show in amazingly creative ways. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone and invite you to experience a vaster definition of audio and how small tweaks and mindsets can make a huge difference.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Your podcast’s purpose and mission, and how you and your brand can embody it.
  • Storytelling skills, beyond doing what PROcasters do
  • Journalistic approaches distilled to benefit the more independent podcaster
  • Interview skills that really DIG into the story
  • Branded content (that you’re paid for)
  • Sponsorship and monetizing as partnership relationships that benefit everyone

It will be….invigorating. It will be thought provoking. And it will be nothing like any podcast event you’ve experienced before.

We invite you to demand more. More of yourself. More of your show. More of your audience.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • A super-fan of She Podcasts, Elsie, Jessica, or podcasts in general
  • Wanting to do something extraordinary with your show but you need inspiration or more/better ideas
  • Looking to level up your show’s impact – on yourself AND your listeners
  • People who want more out of podcasting than they’re already getting
  • People who haven’t started a show yet but want a better idea of what they want to put out into the world before they start
  • People who like to get all “handsy” in a conference event
  • People who like to learn from their peers as well as industry professionals

    This event will also include the First-Ever She Podcast Awards – an awards ceremony designed to celebrate the podcasting attributes WE think are important. Forget “Best Business Show.” These awards will be highlighting biggest contributions, hardest working hustlers, biggest belly-laugh-getters and bravest warriors.

    All are welcome!