From the desk of
Chris Krimitsos

Jun 7, 2017
Tampa, Florida

Fellow Changemakers,

What an exciting time this is, both preparing for what’s going to be a tremendous Podfest Multimedia Expo in February 2018 in Orlando as well as in the world of podcasting in general. We have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time and along the way have impacted countless lives.

I conducted my first podcasting workshop with “The Podfather” Steve Cherubino on August 5th, 2013. Six months later I was excitedly helping Katie, my wife, launch her own podcast, Biz Women Rock. In the first part of 2014, I put on two bigger workshops to teach those in attendance how to start their own podcast. Thanks to the great turnout then, the first Podfest conference was created for 2015, with a few hundred people attending in Tampa. At times it has been borderline mind blowing to see the upward trend in attendance and participation only continuing to larger and larger numbers. This year alone, I expect over one thousand to attend PME18 in Orlando.

While the podcasts from our community that I personally have watched touch their listeners, it’s the impact being made on these creators themselves that has really moved me. Among other outcomes, these individuals have new-found confidence and, yes, on the business side, scores of podcasters are monetizing their shows through one or more means. I have watched with great pride as the one common thread that has been woven through them all is our community lending sincere support to one another. These aren’t attendees showing up at a conference and leaving with notes, they are men and women who are bonding with people they now call ‘friend’ and build a relationship with that doesn’t come from a meetup or networking social.

Podfest Multimedia Expo is the event where members of the creator community merge their thoughts, hopes, ideas, and dreams. Whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, this event sees independents and change makers of all shapes, sizes, colors, interest groups, and locales unite!

Education and collaboration are hugely important and at the core of all events that I create. Thus, those are at the heart of the PME community. In 2017 we expanded this event to add tracks to feature YouTubers, conference builders, live streaming, blogging, independent film making, and online community building, and 2018 will offer the same, if not more! We also did a screening of The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary, which captures the spirit and the emotion of our dedicated podcasters. The success that that film has gone on to is testimony to the impact that this medium is having.

One trait that I love about the podcasting community is seeing people realize their dream. These are go-getters who just will not be deterred. I relate to and support that. Yes, it’s an uphill climb, but I don’t see anyone coming down – they’re all striving to reach the top. There’s power in that drive and in strength in numbers.
This is why PME18 is our rallying point, to come together with like-minded believers and aim for the summit. I look forward to seeing you there!


Chris Krimitsos
Chief Changemaker

P.S. If for any reason you would like to contact me directly, feel free to do so at chris@podfest.us