February 8-10, 2018 |
Orlando, Florida

A Letter from Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos

Chief Creative Officer, PME18

A Letter from Chris Krimitsos

Dear Changemaker,

Welcome to Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018! It has been four years since starting this amazing conference that caters to Messengers the world over. It all started when my good friend Steve Cherubino taught podcasting at one of my meetups in August of 2013. Little did I know how life changing that meetup would be.

In 2014 we did two workshops catering to the local community in Tampa and Sarasota. In 2015 we put on our first-ever Podfest and I invited friends to share what they knew about podcasting. The seeds were planted for this amazing event. We are focused on creating an experience that leaves each and every attendee empowered!

By 2017, our year-over-year growth quadrupled with attendees from around the globe coming through our doors. As our team and I prepare for 2018 we are focused on making sure our culture and collaborative spirit spreads to every individual present.



Chris Krimitsos
Chief Creative Officer

P.S. – If you have questions or would like to reach out to me directly feel free to do so via chris@podfest.us.