February 8-10, 2018 |
Orlando, Florida

Conference Tracks

Conference Tracks

Podfest Multimedia Expo (#PME18) is a conference created for independent podcasters and beginners, put on by fellow podcasters. Our goal is to create a cohesive community amongst podcasters for the benefit of the medium as a whole, ultimately creating a seamless flow of information from beginners, new podcasters and veterans.

This year, we’ll be offering six tracks. All breakout sessions and panel discussions will fall into one of these tracks. Each track is geared towards facilitating the needs of each attendee. Keynote talks are for all attendees.

All of our sessions have carefully crafted Q&A sessions at the very end for you to ask all questions you need! We will also have a Q&A table at all times for you to ask any question you might have about podcasting during the event!

Each breakout room will be dedicated to housing education in one particular track.


This is the most asked topic when it comes to podcasting. We’ve sought out the most passionate and value-driven experts who will talk about landing sponsors, crowd funding, selling courses, live events, consulting, masterminds and even using your podcast to land your dream job. This track will be action packed, as there are so many ways to monetize a podcast!


We have found that our most successful podcasters tend to have other talents. That is why we will be premiering panels on YouTube, Blogging, Facebook Pages/Groups, and Live Steaming!


These tracks have been created to help you understand the gear required to produce content. This will include how to utilize editing software and mixers. We will have live demonstrations for you to hear the difference and have a hands on experience.

Audience Building

This is one of the most crucial tracks! We will have experts share how they used social media, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads and many other resources to build their audiences. We’ll also be delving into how to carefully build strategic alliances and podcast networks to help you reach a much larger audience.

Audience Building will also encompass interviewing/storytelling: We find that storytelling and interviewing is crucial to the success of a podcast or any content on any medium for that matter.


The Entrepreneur track is dedicated to bringing podcasting information for business owners who are looking for a roadmap to monetization by adding podcasting to their existing business interests or to grow their businesses.


We have developed a full social calendar for all attendees. We’ve factored in tons of time to mingle with your fellow attendees to deepen relationships! Do not miss the Strategic Alliance Session! It will be worth the price of admission all by itself! Make sure to bring at least 100 business cards with you.