February 8-10, 2018 |
Orlando, Florida

Friday, February 9, 2018

Schedule of Events

Friday, February 9, 2018
6:30 AM
8:00 AM
8:50 AM
Doors Open
9:00 AM
Opening Message from the Organizers

with Chris Krimitsos & John Dennis

9:15 AM
The Sleep With Me Story

with Drew Ackerman

9:35 AM
The State of Podcasting

with Rob Walch of Libsyn

10:05 AM
What Benjamin Franklin Can Teach You About Building a Massive, International Media Brand

with Liz Covart

10:40 AM
Overflow: The Art of Making People Happy to Give You Money

with Jonathan Oakes

11:15 AM
Meet Pete the Podcaster, the World’s First Podcasating Chatbot!

with Peter Liskoskie

11:45 AM
From Podfest to Now:
Success Stories & Lessons Learned [Panel]
12:00 PM
1:15 PM-
2:00 PM

[PANEL] Inside the History Podcast Niche

with Ed O’Donnell, Diane Student, Denise Moormhier, Jason Hewitt. MC: Liz Covart

[PANEL] What Radio & Podcasters Can Learn From Each Other

with Ashley Berges, RC Williams, Rob Greenlee, Fred Jacobs. MC: Desmond Adams

How to Create a Million Dollar Authority Podcast…

with JV Crum III

Converting Your Podcast Into a Kindle Book

with Daniel Hall

Best Way to Record Remote Guests

with Corey Coates

2:15 PM-
3:00 PM

[PANEL] Women in Podcasting

with Virginia Campbell, Steph T, Allison Melody Masciarelli, Alexandra Harbushka. MC: Katie Krimitsos

[PANEL] Comedy and Podcasting

with Devlin Wilder, Steven Pappas, Chris Grimmet. MC: Desmond Adams

Real World Podcast Sponsorship Case Studies to Model

with Gabe Aluisy

Podcast Guesting

with Expert Guest Craig Cody

Great Sound: How to Get Professional Quality Sound for Your Podcast!

with Danny Ozmet

3:15 PM-
4:00 PM

[PANEL] Podcasting for the Real Estate Niche

with Tyler Sheff, Larry Harbolt & Rod Khleif. MC: TBA

[PANEL] Building a Successful Podcast Network

with Carmine Denisco, Glenn the Geek, Jason Hewitt, Dr. Ryan Grey. MC: Diane Daniels

Email Marketing: How to Properly Engage with Your Listeners

with Debbie DeChambeau

17 Ways to Promote Your Podcast

with Bruce Wawrzyniak

Legalities of Podcasting

with Gordon Firemark, Chris Tanner & Shahara Right, Esq. MC: Niel Guilarte

4:15 PM-
5:00 PM

[PANEL] Monetizing Your Podcast

with Doug Sandler, James McArthur, James Carbary, Jessica Kupferman. MC: Mathew Passey

The Wonderful Opportunity of Chatbots

with Peter Liskoskie & Jamie Jay

A Podcaster’s Guide To YouTube

with Roberto Blake

Membership Sites 101

with Amanda Lairsey

Monetizing Your Podcast via a Service Based Business

with Steve Olsher

5:15 PM-
6:00 PM

How to Use Story Structure to Create Compelling Podcasts on Both Sides of the Mic

with Carol Cox

Launching & Growing a Geo-Local Podcast

with Jaime Legagneur & Glenn the Geek

[PANEL] How to Utilize Podcasts in Tandem with Radio for Maximum Audience Growth

with Dave Sanderson, Lisa McDonald, Jeff Hayzlett. MC: Katie Krimitsos

Creating a Massive Community Around Your Podcast

with Pat Krane & Jules Scott

Podcast Brand Mythbusters: What You Need to Know About Branding Yourself & Your Podcast

with Robyn Sayles

6:00 PM
Live Performance of Congressional Dish

with Jennifer Briney

6:30 PM
6:30 PM
Gamertag Radio Live Podcast

with Danny Peña, Pete Toledo & Parris Lilly

7:30 PM

A live perfromace of Congressional Dish with Jennifer Briney from 6pm-show is done