February 8-10, 2018 |
Orlando, Florida

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Schedule of Events

Saturday, February 10, 2018
8:30 AM-
9:10 PM

[PANEL] What’s New in the World of Hosting

with Podbean, Spreaker, Libsyn Blubrry, Buzzsprout. MC: Erik Harbison

[PANEL] How to Make an Audio Drama Podcast

with Travis Vengroff, Kaitlin Statz, Sarah Werner, Iri Alexander. MC: Katie Krimitsos

Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Audience

with Ramona Rice

How Podcasters Can Take Advantage of Alexa, Google Home and the Coming Voice Revolution

with Colin Thompson

How to Connect with an Audience

with Kenn Blanchard

9:25 AM-
10:05 AM

[PANEL] Growing Your Community through Local Meetups

with Kyle Bondo, Mark Deal, Jaime Legagneur, Amanda Lairsey. MC: Matt Passey

[PANEL] Everything You Wanted to Know About Using Music in Podcasts But Were Afraid to Ask

with Doug Reed, Hunter Williams, Greg Riggle. MC: Gordon Firemark

Guest Etiquette

with Jessica Rhodes

Growing Your Listenership with Social Media

with Stephanie LaHart

Hearing Voices

with Harry Duran

10:20 AM-
11:00 AM

[PANEL] Building Your Podcast Power Team

with Dr. Ryan Gray, Niel Guilarte, Andy Kushner. MC: Diane Daniels

How to Use Storytelling to Connect w/ Your Audience

with Elle Martinez

Top 10 Must Know Things When Running Your Own Event

with Erin Smith

How to Get Over Yourself, Grow Your Audience, and Make More Money Using Facebook Live!

with Christy Haussler

The Interview Outline: Become a Pro Interviewer

with Jeff Brown

11:15 AM-
11:55 AM

Break Your Barriers: Change from Ordinary to Extraordinary

with William Hung

Producing Your Podcast with Your iPhone and iPad

with Joel Sharpton

How to Get Anyone to Do What You Want

with Esther Kiss

Monetizing via Audible and Book Publishing

with Julie Broad

How to Create Trust & Confidence with Your Voice

with Tina Dietz

11:55 AM
1:00 PM
How to Get Featured on the Biggest Podcasts in the World

with Akshay Nanavati

1:35 PM
Creating a Podcast So Good it Promotes Itself

with Joe Saul-Sehy

2:10 PM
Title TBA

withJennifer Briney

2:45 PM
Live Alexa Demo

with Dave Jackson

3:05 PM
Dominate Your Niche with Series Podcasting

with Mark Asquith

3:35 PM
Harnessing Chemistry & Opportunity with a Co-Host

with Emily Frisella & Mindy Musselman

4:45 PM
The Power of Community: How To Engage Your Online Fans Offline

with Lou Mongello

5:35 PM
Pazzie Awards & Gratitude Ceremony

Presented by Hindenburg

7:00 PM
30 Minute Break
7:30 PM
The Roast of Dave Jackson

Complimentary for all PME18 attendees

Join us as we roast one of our own, School of Podcasting‘s Dave Jackson. This is sure to be a true highlight of the weekend!