February 8-10, 2018 |
Orlando, Florida

YouTube Workshop

YouTube Workshop

Learn How to Scale Your Subscriber Base in the Age of Video Content

Why Attend this Event?

In a world with an ever-changing marketing landscape it is extremely important to invest time in learning what is happening in the world of YouTube. Are you aware that YouTube is the most powerful communication medium for building a loyal base of customers/fans/joint venture partners!

This YouTube Workshop will be offering strategies on how to grow your subscriber base for the maximum benefit of your business. Learn from our panel of experts as they share important updated educational tools that can have a tremendous impact on your YouTube business in 2018 and beyond. This is a ground-breaking training headlined by Roberto Blake, Alex Wadsworth and a handful of amazing YouTube Influencers looking to pay this information forward!

At this workshop, we will discuss:

  • How YouTubers monetize their channels
  • Learn the perk levels of YouTube
  • Learn from our panel of YouTube Experts how they utilize their influence for their brands
  • How to sell merchandise to your loyal fan base
  • Learn what not to do when marketing to your YouTube audience
  • How to successfully conduct product placements
  • What Software to use to edit your video
  • What cameras and formats to upload your video
  • What niches are hot and how to pick keywords for maximum success

This ADDITIONAL SESSION is recommended if you are within your first year of podcasting or you have yet to start your podcast.